YWAM Kona Music Releases New EP

Nashville, Tenn. Over the weekend, Integrity Music released the EP, The Sound Of Go, from YWAM Kona Music. Their debut release, The Commission, released in 2020 and contained songs about the mission of being sent; whereas this new EP is the continued heart and next step to follow through the call to reach the ends of the earth. YWAM Kona Music is a diverse, global collective of artists, creatives, dreamers, and musicians. With radical faith and a passion for loving God and loving people, this community of worshippers has the Great Commandment in their hearts and the Great Commission on their lips. The project features YWAM worship leaders such as Chris McCall, Teira Ila, Lindy Cofer, Bryce Anderson, and Lydia Sørensen. "The uniqueness of this project is the people and the 'tribe' of YWAM," shares Chris McCall from YWAM Kona Music. "We are[…] Source