VIDEO PREMIERE MORIAH Worth feat. Joel Smallbone

Ahead of the December 3rd release of her next EP, and before the new single officially tomorrow, Friday, October 29, MŌRIAH is premiering her new song and video featuring her husband, and for KING & COUNTRY frontman, Joel Smallbone. Speaking about creating with her husband, MŌRIAH says, "Our relationship is rooted deeply in creative collaboration–we got to know one another through co-writing a song. Featuring Joel on 'Worth' feels like honoring our artistic history and the values we've discovered together along the way." "This song took five different rewrites and three completely different production approaches to get right," MŌRIAH continues to explain about the new duet. "I think it's because it's about such a sensitive topic. Worth is a buzzy word, and so many of us want to know where and how to get it. What I didn't want to do through this song is provide[…] Source