VIDEO PREMIERE Jodi Essex Offend

Rocker Jodi Essex's "Offend" releases tomorrow, September 10, and is the first single released through the collaboration of rock artist Jodi and Josiah Prince, producer, and guitarist for Disciple. Essex describes "Offend" as a freight-train-in-your-face energetic, edgy rock tune, with some attitude and serious teeth. The video is debuting today on NewReleaseToday. Aptly titled, the song is about standing up boldly & speaking out for your deepest beliefs, even at the risk of being unliked or offending others; in this case, it is a call out to accountability for the truth of the gospel. Bearing witness to public denouncements of faith and the watered-down messages of mainstream culture, through "Offend," Essex implores, "When you have something to say, it should transcend your fear of speaking up. Truth is truth. It's time to get serious about souls being[…] Source