Thrive Worship Announces Upcoming EP

Integrity Music recently announced the latest project from Thrive Worship. Their five-song live EP, Let's Have Church, will drop this Friday, September 24. Created from an overflow of songs being poured out within the team, a constant theme of the early church arose and became the backbone of this new release. Let's Have Church promises to be high in energy and celebration, restoring the personalness and yet community, the fun, and beauty of what Church is called to be. The project includes five live songs, ending with a radio version of its first single, "Pour Your Spirit Out," which shares the personal testimony of co-founder Corbin Phillips and his healing from 19 years of dealing with panic attacks. Click here to find out more. Thrive Worship and its founding leaders, Phillips, along with Peter Burton and Charmaine Wells, is the global worship team[…] Source