The Protest Releases New Single

The Protest has released a raucous, rock-show-ready anthem with their new single "Show Up to the Showdown." The track is a blistering announcement of their upcoming Death Stare EP, due out August 27. Listen to "Show Up to the Showdown" by clicking here. "To win a battle, you have to show up," The Protest says of the powerhouse song. "It's about never backing down, standing your ground. Keep pushing on, and you WILL make it through, no matter what!" "Show Up to the Showdown" launched with an accompanying music video, a colorful, cinematic piece that shows the band members in a variety of showdowns. "The video is the most ambitious idea we've ever come up with," the band offers. "The concept is that we as people are going to lose a lot in life. As you see in the video, we lose a[…] Source