The Protest Releases New EP

Rock mainstay The Protest has released a ferocious new project with their Death Stare EP, an adrenaline-laced collection of six fight songs. The EP, which is the band's first multi-track project in three years, is available now. Death Stare was produced by Mitchell Ray Marlow and is releasing in partnership with Rockfest Records. It includes the raucous summer single "Show Up to the Showdown," and last year's purpose-centered "Greater." Each of the other four previously unheard songs echoes that same determination. "Life can be terrifying, especially lately," the band admits. "When we realize we have been given the strength inside to face obstacles, it's so empowering. Our courage can inspire others and be a light." The aggressive determination to face both internal and external opposition head-on elevates the track "Paper Tigers" to a fever pitch, an extravagantly riff-laden clap back at our demons. "The[…] Source