The Gray Havens Release CS Lewis Inspired Album

Today, The Gray Havens released their brand new album Blue Flower. What began as a simple read of CS Lewis' autobiography, Surprised By Joy, morphed into inspiration for The Gray Havens' new concept album, Blue Flower. Blue Flower, the duo's fifth studio release, explores a soul-deep place of mysterious, inconsolable longing. The engaging songs give this longing a name and usher the listener from a long winter to a bright summer. Blue Flower is fertile ground for wonder and joy and launches The Gray Havens' rich song-craft to new heights. The Gray Havens frontman, Dave Radford, steps into his first official producer role, co-producing Blue Flower with Ben Shive. The results find the band exploring new sounds that stay anchored in their roots but reach out to serve the arc of the songs. Supported by an array of world-class players like Will Chapman of Colony[…] Source