The Gray Havens Launch New Podcast

As a way to give listeners more insight into the inspiration behind their music and the songwriting/recording process, The Gray Havens recently launched The Gray Havens Podcast. The new podcast currently features six episodes that accompany the first six songs released from their forthcoming Blue Flower album. The podcast is available now on top podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, and others. The Blue Flower album is scheduled to release October 8. Each song from the album will have a dedicated episode in which The Gray Havens frontman, David Radford, takes listeners on a deep dive into the inspiration and making of the song. "David is a natural at podcasting and helps listeners feel comfortably intrigued as he peels back the intricate layers of the songs," The Gray Havens' manager, Keith Stancil shares. "Even though I had an inside perspective during[…] Source