Tedashii Recovering From Recent Accident

Recently, Tedashii went to his fans on social media to ask for prayer. He shared that while he was on the We Are Unashamed Tour, he was involved in a stage accident resulting in a concussion. "As I was getting ready to go on stage for the group set, maneuvering in the dark, I had a terrifying accident as everyone else was coming on stage," Tedashii recounts. "I fell into the metal pole that holds up the screen and the base of that pole that sits on the floor. I went head first into the metal piping causing a concussion and face first into the base lacerating in two places." Tedashii went on to say that he's at home and recovering but is still in some pain. Please join us in praying for Tedashii and his family during this time. To stay up-to-date on his[…] Source