TAYA Announces Birth of First Child

On December 4, Taya announced the birth of her first child, Bo Benaiah Gaukrodger. The baby was born on October 20 at 815 AM, weighing 9lbs. "Big hands, big feet, and a good set of lungs!" Taya posted. Taya went on to share the story behind Bo's name and the symbolism it has for her and her husband, Ben. Bo in Hebrew is the command form of "go" or "come," while Benaiah means "Yahweh builds." "Children are a heritage from the Lord, and we believe they're to stand on their parent's shoulders going further than we did, in all the ways," Taya shared. "I was a tad hesitant about what the Lord would ask of our son, especially because Ben and I have some pretty crazy stories to tell of God's leading & faithfulness, but I see God's kindness in Bo's name. That before his[…] Source