Steven Malcolm Releases New Single

Curb Word Entertainment recording artist Steven Malcolm hits the ground running on his fresh track, "Cardio," available today–listen here. An official music video in support of the song is slated to premiere next Friday, September 22. The high-energy pre-game pep talk leads Malcolm's forthcoming studio LP. Pounding the pavement with every 808, the hip-hop heavyweight offers an aggressive dose of motivation for life's biggest challenges on "Cardio," cleverly name-checking a broad spectrum of celebrities, brands, and innovators across the track's spitfire lyrics. "'Cardio' is the catchy summertime inspiration single. I wanted to make the anthem I would have listened to in the high school locker room before a big game," shares Malcolm. "This song is all about owning the greatness that results from the hard work and grind put in the journey. We all have a race to run. To be great and[…] Source