Steven Malcolm Releases New Single Ahead of Upcoming Album

IVAV recording artist Steven Malcolm is back with another collaborative single two months after teaming up with chart-topping rapper KB for the viral hit "On Point." This time, he's paying tribute to the hip-hop hustle with "Rooftop Freestyle (feat. Derek Minor)," a laidback track that finds the rapper ruminating not only on where he came from but where he's going, too. Listen to the track here. "This record, honestly, is just me snapping," says Malcolm, whose recent releases have earned more than 1.5 million Spotify streams in 2021 alone. Featuring a guest appearance by Derek Minor, "Rooftop Freestyle" continues unfolding Malcolm's tale of trials, triumphs, and the tenacious determination to turn his troubled adolescence into meaningful adulthood. His autobiographical lyrics are mixed by a trap-influenced beat that stutters one minute and swaggers the next. The result is a cinematic rags-to-riches story[…] Source