Steven Malcolm Reaches Apex With New Music Video

CHH powerhouse Steven Malcolm returns with a hard-hitting music video for "On Point" featuring KB. Available now, the award-winning rhyme slinger reaches a new apex with his latest effort. The music video follows Steven's impressive EP All Is True which was met with praise by RESPECT, Elevator Mag, Audacy, among other publications. If that EP found Malcolm focusing on songs about truth, then "On Point" finds him focusing on tenacity. He raps about his day-to-day work ethic and his God-given talent, splitting the song's verses with KB along the way. Given the multiple mentions of Tom Brady, it's no coincidence that "On Point" sometimes feels like the hip-hop equivalent of an athlete's comments during a pre-game interview. Here, Steven Malcolm is limber, laced up, and ready to take the field. "This record is all about high energy and motivation for anyone who is looking to[…] Source