Sidewalk Prophets Releases New Music Video

Following the release of Sidewalk Prophets' new single "Hurt People (Love Will Heal Our Hearts)," the music video was also released. It's available to watch here. Serving as the lead track from the group's upcoming fifth studio album, "Hurt People (Love Will Heal Our Hearts)" offers Sidewalk Prophets' first taste of new music since 2020's The Things That Got Us Here. "It's easy to fight hurt with hurt. We sometimes hide behind our tough words, sarcasm, pettiness, and meanness. But all these responses steer us away from what we really want HEALING," observes Sidewalk Prophets frontman Dave Frey about the ultimate message behind the new song. "Hurt people, hurt people, but only the grace and love of Christ will heal our hearts." Doling out ample amounts of kindness, both for ourselves and others, the massive pop offering encourages listeners to extend forgiveness[…] Source