Sidewalk Prophets Collaborate With Olivia Lane

Curb Word Entertainment's Sidewalk Prophets recently unveiled a brand new version of "I Believe It Now" featuring TikTok sensation Olivia Lane. Listen to the poignant pairing here, and watch the emotional music video for the powerful track here. The album rendition of "I Believe It Now" resonated so deeply with Lane's own journey of finding Christ that she began sharing the song with her more than 400,000 TikTok followers. A few phone calls later and the rising singer/songwriter found herself in the studio with Sidewalk Prophets' lead singer Dave Frey. Lane and Frey shared the story with fans earlier this week on Instagram and TikTok live chats. Originally found on Sidewalk Prophets' The Things That Got Us Here, the 2022 iteration of "I Believe It Now" stands at the intersection of faith and doubt. The addition of "Songland" contestant and[…] Source