Sidewalk Prophets Announces Annual ‘Great Big Family Christmas’ Tour

Curb Word Entertainment's Sidewalk Prophets announced their Great Big Family Christmas tour, presented by Great Big Family Productions. Click here for tickets. A tour about making Christmas memories, the show will feature some of Sidewalk Prophets' hit songs, as well as their original Christmas favorites. The band will surprise each guest with a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake, a regular tour tradition. Gifts, such as big-screen TVs and other items, will be given away to random audience members. At the end of each show, the band will raise money for a local person or charity, the goal being to raise 1 million dollars for those in need within ten years. The band has raised over $75,000 so far. Tickets are on sale now, with each show respecting the designated city's COVID-19 guidelines. There will be a premium ticket option for fans to[…] Source