Project 86 Announces 25th Anniversary Event

The Christian-based rock band Project 86 recently announced a special musical event in celebration of 25 years as a band. The event is titled Project 86 Twenty Five. The event will last three days, featuring 25 songs spanning each record. There is a very limited amount of in-person tickets available, but it will be live-streamed worldwide as well. May 27 is a V.I.P. Gala-styled night. The main event will be on May 28 and May 29. You can buy tickets by clicking here. "Our motivation was to create an experience that was more than a show, a stream, or even a piece of recorded music," the band shared. "This will be a three-day party, and the most ambitious event we have ever planned BY FAR." This special event will also feature a double-live album of the event along with a video recording. For more information,[…] Source