P.O.D. Announces Upcoming Tour

P.O.D.'s 2001 record Satellite is iconic, and to celebrate its impact on fans and the music world, the band is going on tour, playing the album from front to back. They're calling the tour The Return Satellite Tour 21. P.O.D. will be joined by From Ashes to New, All Good Things, and Sleep Signals. For more information and tickets, click here. "We never claimed to be a Christian band or that we were making Christian music," P.O.D. shared in an interview with Knotfest. "This was us being true to ourselves. Whether it was from the neighborhood we come from, our nationalities, our backgrounds, our faith. We were always an open book about all of those things. It wasn't to anybody's surprise." "With Satellite, we wanted to be more universal," the band continues. "We wanted people to be able to listen, relate and interpret what they[…] Source