NRT Now Podcast Hits 50K Downloads

Recently, NewReleaseToday's NRT Now Podcast hit 50,000 downloads. Along with the milestone of hitting 50K downloads, the NRT Now Podcast also recently celebrated its 100th episode. Hosted by Jake Frederick, the NRT Now Podcast gives fans an inside look at the latest Christian music. "When we started the podcast in the summer of 2019, I honestly anticipated that the podcast would be similar to a written article with the addition of an artist's personality that a written article can't express," Jake Frederick shares. "Then God did what God does and changed my perspective." "Nobody could have predicted what happened in 2020 into 2021, and one of the hard lessons I've learned through this season has been the importance of conversation and the power of listening to other voices," Jake continues. "I'm so thankful for all of these artists that have taken time out of their[…] Source