Nate Parrish to Release New Single

Nate Parrish is releasing the thought-provoking new single "God Knows" on January 28, the most recent single from his upcoming sophomore album Soul Surgery. "God Knows" takes on the complexities of spiritual abuse– a toxic dynamic that Nate has experienced firsthand. "The song deals with the tension of being a part of an abusive spiritual system and still believing in the foundations of the faith," the songwriter explains. "There are a lot of spiritual leaders in our world that use people's desperation, hurt, and ignorance to manipulate them and build a kingdom protected against questions. I have wrestled with the desire to just lash out at these false teachers for the damage they cause to their followers, and yet I know that the best disinfectant is sunlight, and the best way to fight a lie is by proclaiming the truth." That message is brought to[…] Source