Nate Parrish Announces Upcoming Rock Single

Punk rock songsmith Nate Parrish is serving up another helping of punchy punk rock with "Bad Excuse," available everywhere on February 23. Presave here. Co-created with acclaimed rock producer Josiah Prince, "Bad Excuse" is a call to stop accepting bad excuses–to use our voices to speak truth to systems of destructive power, whether they're social, religious, or political. "I believe it's vital that we use our voice to speak for not only ourselves but those who can't speak for themselves," Nate Parrish explains. "If you're like me, you often feel helpless watching those in power get away with corruption while they offer another bad excuse. But I believe in justice. Sometimes, we just need a single voice to get the choir started." The song is the first track from a forthcoming album, due out later in 2024. "Bad Excuse" begins a new[…] Source