Mike Guglielmucci Talks About Past Mistakes and Finding God’s Grace

In 2008, former Hillsong pastor Mike Guglielmucci opened up about his porn addiction and admitted to faking a terminal illness. However, in recent years, Mike has found redemption and God's grace despite his mistakes. Recently, he joined host Aiden Grant on Songs That Changed You for a very special episode. Mike opened up about his past mistakes, his time in rehab, and what life looks like now. "I lived 28 years in the dark. I lived 28 years with superficial relationships and friendships. People focus on 2008 and the moment that an element of the brokenness of my life became public, but the journey was a lot longer and a lot deeper, and a lot darker… but when you have revelation of God's love, who meets us in our brokenness, I've got no reason to hide." For those who haven't heard the show, in each episode, Aiden[…] Source