Mike Donehey Opens Up New Airbnb

This week on social media, singer/songwriter Mike Donehey announced that he and his wife are opening up an Airbnb as a "side hustle" in Jupiter, Florida. "When all potential of live music touring shut down last year, my wheels got turning and all the sudden, a bit of a spark has become a reality," Mike posted on Instagram. "I'm so thankful to all my real estate friends who helped retrain my brain to see the potential in investment and how differently stewardship can look." The four-bedroom, two-bath house is located near Jupiter/West Palm Beach, Florida, and it's listed now on Airbnb. You can book it now by clicking here. In addition to opening up an Airbnb, Mike Donehey has been staying busy and released a new solo album in August. You can stream his new album Flourish here.[…] Source