Micah Tyler Hospitalized With Infected Gallbladder

Micah Tyler, the Christian Music artist who has given us hits like “Amen”, “Different”, and “Keep Me in the Moment” has asked for prayer on his social media as he undergoes urgent surgical procedures to stave off painful infections radiating out from his gallbladder.

Starting Monday July 20, Micah started experiencing sharp pains in his upper abdomen.  The pains persisted and grew in intensity; requiring Micah to get medical attention.

“[The pain] got really bad around 11 that night and I didn’t get any relief until I was hooked up to an IV yesterday at noon with pain meds. Found out that I’ve got huge gallstones and an infected gallbladder and need surgery ASAP.  Now, we are trying to set up surgery in the middle of COVID and I’m still in a ton of pain. Would be so grateful for any prayers.“

Surgery is taking place mid day on July 24. Recuperation for the artist will depend on the extent of the infection.

One thing you can always count on from Micah is humor, even in the face of a challenge.  Once settled into the hospital, the artist immediately let fans know he’s good to go….well, almost.