Melanie Waldman Releases ‘Psalmsongs’

Worship leader, singer/songwriter, and speaker Melanie Waldman recently released Psalmsongs, her much-anticipated full-length debut. Produced by Waterdeep's Lori Chaffer, the project is inspired by one of the Bible's most beloved books and explores a range of themes reflected in the Psalms, including praise, thanksgiving, lament, and petition. Deeply emotive, ethereal melodies carrying lyrics rich in theology hallmark the nine-song set, with each track taking inspiration from a different Psalm. Psalmsongs was penned by Waldman along with co-writers Jesse Isley, Ross King, Erin Echevvaria, and Adam Land, and the album features multiple guests, including singer/songwriters Alisa Turner and Jesse Isley, as well as Don and Lori Chaffer of acclaimed husband/wife duo Waterdeep. Various singles from the project have already been showcased on key playlists, including Spotify's New Music Friday Christian and the Rabbit Room Discovery Playlist. "Last year, in the midst of the uncertainty[…] Source