Melanie Waldman Drops New Single

"Come Back (Psalm 80)," the latest single from acclaimed singer/songwriter and worship leader Melanie Waldman, is now available. Penned by Waldman and produced by Waterdeep's Lori Chaffer, the song is a gentle, yet urgent, plea inviting the Lord's return and the restoration of His people. "Come Back" is the second single from Waldman's forthcoming PSALMSONGS full-length set. "In 2020, I started singing through the Psalms to draw close to God," Waldman shares. "Without worry for genre, structure, rhyming, or any of the usual songwriter rules, I explored a wide-open canvas. With each Psalm, I drew from an array of musical influences I have enjoyed throughout my life. It just so happens that I wrote 'Come Back' as I had been on a kick of listening to lo-fi beats, and this really comes through in Lori Chaffer's production of the song." "In Psalm 80, the[…] Source