Matt Sassano Joins the Rockfest Records Roster

Matt Sassano is a new name being heard in the Christian rock scene. His 2021 single, "Enough," started to catch the attention of many Christian rock fans. His newest single, "Not My Name," has earned him even the support and attention of big names in the scene. Rockfest Records has now signed Matt Sassano on the label and will be supporting him moving forward. "We’re unbelievably excited to have Matt Sassano join our ever-growing label roster that’s impacting the WORLD with hope, encouragement, and shining a light on the darkest of places," Rockfest Records posted on social media. "We know without a doubt that Matt fits right in with that same group of world changers and foundation shakers that make up Rockfest." Matt also celebrates a #1 hit on the Christian Rock CMW Charts with "Not My Name." He shares, "‘Not My Name’ is NUMBER[…] Source