Manic Drive’s Shawn Cavallo Announces Birth of His Second Son

On October 7, Manic Drive's Shawn Cavallo and his wife Jen announced the birth of their second son, Kai. Kai was born four weeks early and had some early complications, but Shawn has since let us know that Kai is doing well and will be heading home soon. "Little Kai might be small, but he has a great spirit," Manic Drive posted. "He's really coming through and looks to be home in a couple of days. Thanks to everyone for their love, support, and prayers. He's doing great!" In an era of extravagant pregnancy announcements and gender reveals, Shawn and Jen had the idea to do something different and keep this pregnancy a secret except for close family and friends. Shawn was looking forward to sharing the announcement and broke the news on Instagram the night before Kai was born. Congratulations to the Cavallo[…] Source