Legin Drops New Single

Nashville, Tenn. Spotlighting the honest realities of his own mental health journey, acclaimed hip-hop and spoken word artist, church leader, speaker, and community advocate Legin recently dropped his latest single "Streets of Gold." Blending gospel and trap influences with live brass and bass, the Ben Mekkes-produced track finds Legin delivering some of his most personal verses yet. By addressing his struggles with stress, discontentment, rejection, and division, among other issues, Legin hopes the song will encourage listeners to seek help when life overwhelms. "I pray this song will give people the honesty to recognize their weaknesses and struggles and bring them to God while realizing the present and future hope of Christ that helps our now and secures our forever," he shares. The message of "Streets of Gold" paves the way for the second installment of Legin's GOOD ENUF Virtual Concert Series, premiering[…] Source