Latice Crawford Drops New EP

BET Sunday Best alum Latice Crawford's new EP, The Cure, is available now. The transparent and motivational EP is concrete proof of Latice's ability to deliver melodic and soulful messages to listeners and followers of Christ. The Cure is available now on all major digital retail and streaming outlets. "This new music I'm releasing is all about our common symptoms. Our temptations, struggles, stumbling blocks on our journey, those pills we use to maintain or fill our voids," Crawford shares. "I hope that my music will simply help us identify our stuff, see that we all have the same issues and that we all use a variation of the same resources. I hope that we can judge less, and come together to see, and ultimately find our common source, the cure, Jesus Christ." The Cure by Latice Crawford is a six-track confessional with transparent lyrics[…] Source