Lacey Sturm Releases Sophomore Solo Album

Lacey Sturm has released her sophomore solo album, Kenotic Metanoia, available everywhere. Click here to listen. The former Flyleaf lead singer offers the project to the world independently, led by a string of arresting singles, including "Awaken Love," "Reconcile," and "Breathe With Me." The album's enigmatic title is drawn from two Greek words "kenosis," referring to a state of emptying of self, and "metanoia," referring to deep change and altering course. Together, Lacey Sturm says that the title captures a moment when you start to see the truth about reality that you didn't see before. "Kenotic metanoia" is the demand to address and respond to that truth, a call to leave one version of yourself behind. "All these songs have been for my own heart," Lacey said. "When David sings the Psalms, a lot of the time, he's telling his soul what[…] Source