Kira Fontana Releases New Single Beauty For Ashes

February 5, 2021, San Diego, CA Singer-songwriter, producer and award-winning composer Kira Fontana has released her new song, "Beauty for Ashes," a resonating anthem of healing and redemption. Fontana brings vivid and emotive storytelling into her lyrics and music, driven by the depth of her own personal spiritual transformation. "You've taken the broken in me, and made it beautiful to see. You raised me up, no one else gives beauty for ashes," sings Fontana. "'Beauty for Ashes' represents the great exchange that Christ did for me, taking the broken in my life that had to die, and giving me a new life filled with radical beauty." A proclamation of hope, "Beauty for Ashes" unites listeners and worshipers of Jesus with the reality of spiritual death and resurrection in Christ. "This song started so intimate and raw," recalls Fontana, "then I felt the majesty of God[…] Source