Kayla Berry Releases Her Rendition of Same God/Gratitude

Emerging worship artist Kayla Berry released her latest single, which encompasses two of today's biggest worship songs–Elevation Worship's "Same God" and "Gratitude" by Brandon Lake. Listen to the song here. Berry's rendition, which continues to reflect on God's faithfulness, is a journey and a call to worship, inviting listeners to embrace their beliefs and find joy in gratitude. It's her testament to the power of worship to move and inspire, especially from these powerful anthems. "'Same God' lifts my faith to new heights," Berry explains. "It's a powerful declaration that God's faithfulness is unchanging, a constant in the chaos of life. It's my reminder that He's always come through, and He always will. Every note and every word speaks to the soul, affirming that God is exactly who He says He is." In turn, the inclusion of "Gratitude" is her intimate call[…] Source