Katy Weirich Releases New Single

Christian singer-songwriter Katy Weirich delivers a passionate introduction to her upcoming debut EP with the lead single, "Majestic One," available now. This cinematic masterpiece is brought to life by more than its all-encompassing production; rather, Weirich's unshakable faith shines through with a moving brilliance from start to finish. She uses this project as a moment to create a place of exaltation that facilitates worship from a posture of awe and wonder. At its core, "Majestic One" seeks to uplift the name of God to His rightful place. Weirich's honeyed vocals lead this track from stripped-back verses to booming choruses resting atop cascading percussion. Listeners can expect to find themselves swept away in awe as this track blossoms into an epic reminder of who God truly is and who He is not based on the truth of His Word. "'Majestic One' is the first[…] Source