Kardia Complex Releases Debut Single

The freshly formed band, Kardia Complex, has just released their debut single, “Come All You Weary." The single will be the first fans have heard since Jamie Kucinski, former drummer for XIII Minutes and longtime Tulsa area event promoter, began to share his vision for a new kind of worship band. “As I have created the origins of this project, I knew I wanted to tell a story,” Jamie shares. “This song is the beginning of the story. I would call this Chapter I – Come All You Weary. The song is our introduction, but is also an open door invitation.” It’s an invitation that is particularly timely and compelling. “When I look around, I see and feel a tired world,” Jamie continues. “We're constantly being bombarded with messages of how we are simply not enough. Fame, success, looks they are all moving targets. Even[…] Source