K-LOVE On-Demand Debuts ‘Empty Stage with Andrew Greer’ Series

Continuing its mission to offer audiences a variety of compelling new ways to connect with today's top Christian artists, K-LOVE On-Demand–the powerhouse radio network's free video streaming service–presents the highly anticipated new series Empty Stage with Andrew Greer. The debut episode, featuring an exclusive glimpse into the life of singer/songwriter and #1 hitmaker Tasha Layton, is now available. Layton, whose hope-filled hits "Into the Sea (It's Gonna Be OK)" and "Look What You've Done" have made her one of the fastest rising stars in Christian music this decade, sat down with Greer to discuss a range of topics, including the restoration of her faith following a season of doubt, her years on the road with pop superstar Katy Perry, and the art of joyfully juggling her work/life balance. In addition to the deeply personal conversation, Layton shared a stirring acoustic performance of her anthemic new single[…] Source