Jon Reddick Releases New Single ‘The Power of Your Name’

Nashville, TN (June 19, 2020)
Christian music singer/songwriter and Gotee recording artist Jon Reddick has released his newest single, “The Power of Your Name.”

Produced by Nathan Nockels, the song includes fellow worship leader and Integrity recording artist Matt Redman, who was a co-writer and is also featured on the song.

“The Power of Your Name” marks Reddick’s fourth single release with Gotee following “You Keep Hope Alive,” “God, Turn It Around” and “Glory and Majesty.”

Co-writing this song with Redman and Nathan and Christy Nockels was a full-circle moment for Reddick, who never thought after nearly two decades, his path would cross with the Nockels again after the Passion: One Day worship event in Memphis where he initially met the couple.

“That One Day event in Memphis was a monumental mark of time that helped lead me to what I do today,” Reddick said. “Fast forward, a few years later we randomly ended up going to and working for the same church and we became really good friends organically. So, to get to do this song with them was amazing. Writing with them was like a workshop for me. I was amazed at their skill.”

Although written before the COVID-19 pandemic and the mounting racial tensions in our country, Reddick said this song has new meaning to him in light of what’s going on in the world today.

“After COVID, this song sounded different to me,” he said. “It hit me in a different way, which was interesting. There is something about running to the seat of Jesus when you know you need to. It feels like in this season, we all as human beings are in the midst of navigating life’s struggles whether it is anxiety, hardships, having hard conversations, or dealing with financial issues – we’re all just walking through hard things on our own realizing we don’t have as much control as we thought we did. It feels like we’re asking, ‘Where do we go from here?’”

Lyrically, the song addresses that scripture never promises we’ll be free of pain and struggles in this life, but it reminds us we are never alone.


You said that trouble would come/But You’ve overcome the darkness/Now into Your presence we run/We run to the name of Jesus, which is followed by the chorus: And Savior, we’re calling on You right now/We’re praying You’ll show the power of Your name.

“We’re calling on you right now. This is the moment when humans realize they don’t have as much power as they think they do,” Reddick said.

On working with Matt Redman, Reddick said it was like diving into a well of theology.

“You get to hear it in his songs, but you don’t always get to hear how the songs come about. To sit there and listen to him and how his lyrics relate to the word was phenomenal and inspiring. It was humbling.”

Redman said he loved getting to be a part of the writing and recording of this new song with Jon.

“It’s always refreshing when someone’s substantial musical gifting is outweighed by their heart—and that’s definitely the case with Jon Reddick,” Redman said. “He’s such a great vocalist and songwriter. This new record also feels like a timely offering—Jon’s desire to see worship music transcend cultural boundaries is to be applauded and embraced in this moment. I can’t wait to see how God will use it.”

Reddick has much to celebrate with current streaming totals topping nearly 3.2 million across all digital platforms and getting to be a part of the continued success of Mandisa’s release of “You Keep Hope Alive” that debuted at #46 on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart even before its official radio add date.

Mandisa had this to say of her recent collaboration with Reddick, “Jon is one of those people who is excellent at everything he does: songwriting, leading worship, singing, painting, being a great father, I could go on and on. But beyond all of that, he is godly man who stays connected to His Father, and therefore bears good fruit!”

While this recent success has been rewarding, it’s the conversations he has with those who are encouraged by the songs he’s written that bring him the most joy. His hope is that this latest offering of “The Power Of Your Name” impacts hearts and churches with a timely message of the hope only found in the Lord and the gift in surrendering our lives wholly to Him.