Jason Lee McKinney Band Release New Album

Life-affirming music, songs, and musicians with the power to lift souls into the heavens, always manage to arrive when we need it most. Call these mini-sermons of healing delivered by prophets with microphones, guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards. They are sonic balms that energize just as they soothe. Nashville-based Jason Lee McKinney Band offers up 16 of those spiritual infusions on One Last Thing, the group's 11th studio album and their first to revel in a Southern gospel vibe that seamlessly matches the band's soulful stew of rock, R&B, folk, blues, and country. One Last Thing, released last month, takes lyrical inspiration from the Bible and musical cues from the band's previous ten releases. "One Last Thing brings out an overtone that has always been an undertone in our music in that it is drenched in gospel," says McKinney, who self-penned all 16 songs on[…] Source