Jason Gray Releases First Full-Length Album in Three Years

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Jason Gray released his full-length album, Land of the Living, at digital and streaming outlets globally here. On the new album, this beloved Centricity Music recording artist is less of a host and more of a participant in the stories he's telling. Rather than leading listeners on a journey revolving around a central theme as he did with 2020's Order Disorder Reorder, this album serves up a batch of pop-friendly, radio-ready contenders primed for conversation. "Concept albums tend to ask something of the listener," Gray says in regard to Land of the Living's predecessor. "This record is a little bit more, 'Thank you for your attention. That was the meat. Let's have a little dessert.'" This cherry-on-top addition to his catalog is full of meaningful songs marked by Gray's remarkable ability to plumb the depths of the human experience[…] Source