Jamie Kimmett Gives An Update on His Recovery

Over the weekend on GoFundMe, singer/songwriter Jamie Kimmett updated fans on his recovery. Eight weeks ago, Jamie was involved in a major car accident, with doctors describing the fact he survived as remarkable. "I am happy to say that my breathing and chest pain has greatly improved since the accident," Jamie shared. "The majority of lacerations and bruising are now mostly healed–my teeth and jaw feel normal again. Praise God! That's the good news. Sadly, after 8 weeks, I am still unable to play guitar or have full use of my left hand due to the injuries on my thumb and a deep cut between my index and middle finger… I appreciate your prayers, and I'm still believing God for a full recovery." Jamie went on to say that he's hoping to repay his fans soon with new music and a free online concert once[…] Source