Jamie Grace Celebrates 15 Years as a YouTuber

This week on social media, Jamie Grace shared pictures of number 15 balloons to celebrate her 15 years as a YouTuber. "FIFTEEN YEARS, BABY!" This Friday is my official 15th YEAR as a YouTuber," Jamie posted. "Someone pointed out to me that this has literally been half of my life. Which is true! Humbling! Exciting!" Fans joined in the celebration on Instagram and shared their congratulations with Jamie. @Queendeeinsta commented saying, "CONGRATS. Loved watching you grow into the amazing woman/wife/mom/and mentor that you are today!" @Timdstanton said, "We need more of your family's energy and brilliance in this world! Congratulations!" @Beautyflower shared her excitement saying, "Now THIS is an achievement! 15 years on YouTube is no small feat. Congrats Jamie Grace!" Jamie Grace is still active on YouTube and continually posts videos on her channel. You can[…] Source