Gungor Returns With New Worship Project

This week on social media, Gungor announced that they'll be releasing a new worship project. Over the past few years, there's been controversy surrounding the band and their beliefs. Gungor's frontman, Michael Gungor, recently shared the journey he's been on. "Through all of it, here's what I've discovered I really love God. More than anything," Michael shared. "In fact, God is, in a way, the only thing I love because I see God as love. It is God I love when I love my girls. It is God I love when I let go to experience the fullness of the sensations, pleasures, and desires of being alive in and as a body. And when I think about what I want to spend my creative energy on, it's expressing and enjoying the full spectrum of my love of God." Michael went on to say that he'll be[…] Source