Grace Graber Drops New Single

Grace Graber is voicing the world's social media burnout with her sassy latest single "Superficiality," now available on all major streaming platforms and going for radio adds through PlayMPE on September 28. "Superficiality" is a timely commentary on the falseness demanded from digital society. "I'm someone who constantly has social media fatigue," Grace Graber admits. "Social media consumes so much of my time. It makes me feel so much less than my life like I'm not doing enough. Social media points out the inadequacies of being a normal human, like if there is nothing to post about today, then you failed." It's a poignant message from the singer, who has become known for a following on Instagram who eagerly watches her honest takes on mental health, music, and life. Graber continues, "It's wonderful to share my life with people who are far away,[…] Source