God Is With Us Continues to be Heard Around the World

The latest song from the award-winning band The Afters, "God Is With Us," continues to impact listeners everywhere. Released in August, "God Is With Us" answers the hard questions that people often ask at some point in their lives. Written by The Afters' members, Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua, they penned the song as a guide to help put words to the moments when you can't see, feel, or fully understand God. Inspired not only by the band's personal stories but by the hope that can only be found in God's promise–that He will never leave us–it is their desire to spark conversations, to offer hope during hardships, and to encourage faith that life does come with pain yet God is present through it all. Listen to the new song here. "Through all the years that we've toured as a band, we've heard people share[…] Source