Franni Cash Opens Up About Her Mental Health Journey

Franni Rae Cash Cain of We The Kingdom opened up for the first time publicly about her mental health, generously sharing both vulnerability and encouragement. The singer/songwriter shared about a dark time in her life when she endured spiritual abuse, which she coped with through self-harm. Depression and anxiety followed. But as Franni shared in an honest conversation on the Trevor Talks podcast, "Wherever the enemy attacks us the greatest, is where God wants to use us the greatest." Ultimately, Franni's journey into healing came through spending time immersed in God's presence and through the support of her band members– who also happen to be her family. The result has been a steady focus for We The Kingdom on truly caring for each others' wellbeing. The band even goes to counseling together. That's a focus that sustains Franni even through the process of touring, which[…] Source