Elevation Worship and Forrest Frank Release New Remix

ELEVATION RHYTHM and FORREST FRANK have collaborated to release "PRAISES (remix)" available today. The release is accompanied by a music video that is available now on YouTube. "It's been really exciting to see how our listeners have connected with 'PRAISES' over the past year," states Davide Mutendji of ELEVATION RHYTHM. "It's now one of our favorite songs to do live because of its fun energy and declarative lyrics! It's turned into an anthem for anyone who refuses to let the world steal their ability to praise!" "After sharing ELEVATION RHYTHM's original version on my Instagram story, Josh Holiday reached out asking if I wanted to attempt a remix," shares Forrest Frank. "I said YES & immediately heard in my head how I wanted it to feel beachy, bouncy, and a little more resolution with the chord progression. I produced what I[…] Source