Elevation Rhythm Announces Upcoming Album

Elevation Rhythm recently announced their debut full-length album Growing Pains will be released on April 1. Today they released the first single, "Fake Love," along with the live video. The new track, sung by Nate Diaz and Brittany Diaz, is an attitude-laden declaration filled with a heavy blend of modern 808s and retro punk rock. "The world is constantly trying to teach us what love is you get love from a bunch of likes on social media, from the way you dress, or the things you say," Davide Mutendji of Elevation Rhythm explains. "And our message is, 'Let's go back to the essence of what real love is.' We have a God who loves you regardless of what you do, where you go, or who you end up becoming. He loves you for the essence of who you are." The twelve-track project[…] Source