Disciple Prepares Never-Before-Played Setlist for Their Upcoming Tour

Disciple is headed out for their first tour since January 2020, and they're doing it equipped with a never-before-played setlist that's sure to offer some surprises. "We can't wait to see everyone face-to-face again. This has been a long time coming," lead singer Kevin Young shares. "We've put together a setlist for October that quite possibly might be the best setlist we've ever done. I've never seen the band more excited to play a setlist. We got a lot of insight from The People's Choice live stream, and we also added some rarely-played songs that we're pretty pumped about. The setlist spans the whole Disciple catalog. It's truly a show no one has ever seen." Disciple appeared on several major festival stages over the summer, including Lifest and Uprise. However, this upcoming run of shows will feature an entirely new setlist. The band is set to tour[…] Source