Danny Gokey Highlights Launch Year Successes Of New Foundation

Danny Gokey posted a video highlighting an incredible launch year of giving to local non-profits with his Better Than I Found It foundation. During "Bus Stops" at his spring and fall tour dates, the organization and its partners touched over 250,000 lives with tangible items they needed while being told about the love of Jesus. Over 77,000 boxes of diapers, 20,000 bags of groceries, 221,000 meals, and 600 gift cards for families were given out, as well as a $33,000 truck that was donated to a mobile barber who cuts the hair of the homeless in his city. The foundation launched in February 2023 with a mission to give back to local communities and raise awareness of the needs in concert goers' backyards. "During my exit interview on American Idol, when the host asked what was next for me, my response was, 'I[…] Source