Crossroads Music Drops New Single

Today, Crossroads Music released their new single titled "Anything To Bless Your Heart." The single was produced by Dwayne Larring and written by Austin Livingood, Chris Smith, Erica Bostick, and Robbie Reider. "Anything To Bless Your Heart" was penned with a posture of surrender to bless the heart of God. Listen to the new track here. "The song was written with this intent of being available for God's intentions from the moment we wake up until we close our eyes again," Livingood shares. "We want to chase after the things God thinks are worth pursuing. We want to be actively available at all times, through all things." Based on scriptures like Psalm 103, where David speaks to his soul to bless the Lord, "Anything to Bless Your Heart" is an offering of surrender to the plans and purpose of God. "Psalm 103 says, 'Bless[…] Source